Black Ridge Solar Array

Blanco Wash Tank

Centralized delivery point and liquids handling

Service equipment completing a well

Drilling operations in East Texas

Drilling operations in Uinta Basin of Utah

Drilling operations in South Texas

Central delivery point in South Texas

Central delivery point in South Texas

Enduring Resources creates value through the identification, acquisition and exploitation of significant resource plays by:

  • Focusing on plays with large resource potential.  Our experience shows that the greatest value in the exploration and production business is created through pioneering the exploitation of core acreage positions with significant resource potential.
  • Focusing on geographies where we have or can transfer industry leading knowledge.  Our management team has been successful in the economic development of oil and gas plays from the leasing phase to full scale exploitation in many geographic basins in the United States. With the knowledge base we developed, we opportunistically deploy our expertise to new and evolving plays for best in class execution and results.
  • Improving development concepts during delineation.  Engineering plays a pivotal role with geology and geophysics in the delineation phase of project development.  Optimal value generation is achieved through the continuous improvement of recovering reserves while striving to improve capital efficiency and manage operating costs.
  • Deploying advancing technology.  The appropriate deployment of new or advancing technologies can enhance economic returns through all phases of project development.  As an early, and successful, adopter of new technology, we enhance value as incremental recoverable reserves are unlocked.
  • Increasing value through vertical integration.  Most newly developing oil and gas plays lack the midstream infrastructure to adequately support upstream operations.  In order to maximize our margins and to better control our value chain, we construct critical midstream infrastructure in the areas where we operate, including gathering systems; centralized compression; intrastate pipelines; water production, handling and reconditioning facilities; centralized batteries; gas treatment and liquids extraction facilities.
  • Building excellent working relations with landowners and service providers.
  • Operating in a prudent, safe and environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Creating a workplace where everyone is a winner.