Black Ridge Solar Array

Blanco Wash Tank

Centralized delivery point and liquids handling

Service equipment completing a well

Drilling operations in East Texas

Drilling operations in Uinta Basin of Utah

Drilling operations in South Texas

Central delivery point in South Texas

Central delivery point in South Texas


Enduring Resources focuses its oil and gas operations on onshore plays in the central and western United States.

The Company and its employees have an enthusiasm for finding and producing oil and gas to augment economic growth in the United States at the highest regulatory and ethical standards.  As a North American oil and gas producer, the Company has a proven strategy, has developed reserve bases with a multi-year drilling inventory and has maintained strong presence in emerging and unconventional resources areas.  The Company is active in all phases of the E & P value chain – exploring, acquiring, developing and producing oil and gas.

Our seasoned management and professional team of engineers, geoscientists and landmen have experience in many of the most prolific basins, with expertise ranging from greenfield leasing to full scale exploitation.  Leveraging this internal expertise allows for investment to be directed toward a wide array of assets in a portfolio allocation approach to capital investment.  The Company aims to create an enduring and diversified portfolio of assets, with multiple pay opportunities, and a balance of oil and gas.  Our approach provides the ability to allocate capital to opportunities with the most attractive rates of return within the portfolio through diverse business and economic cycles and further enables the harvesting of assets at appropriate points within these cycles.

The current projects are depicted on the accompanying map by the maroon owl symbols, while the harvested projects are denoted by the gray symbols.